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    You want your wedding, party or event to go without a hitch and for your band to sound great, and so do we. Coverflow use brand new full-range db Technologies front of house speakers with digital amplification with a Soundcraft mixing desk. The band members have high quality instruments and amplifiers and more than one of the band members are skilled sound engineers, which means we tailor our sound to the your venue. We won't try to blow your head off with high volume (unless you really want us to) and we aim to get the sound big enough to dance and have a great time to, but not so loud that your guests who want to chat at the bar can't do so.

    If your venue is particularly large please let us know as we sometimes add a sub to our rig, which helps fill out bigger rooms. Generally though we find a combination of the musicians' amplification and our PA give a great, balanced band sound suitable for most situations.

    All of our equipment is fully PAT tested and insured, which often venues require, so rest assured that side of things is covered.

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